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    Silkroad Audio is the only authentic oriental & Middle Eastern stock music & audio library in the world. Our content, whether sourced from renowned musicians in the MENA region or produced exclusively by our team, is handpicked based the most stringent standards of quality control.

    We strive to be the go-to source for audio & music content that not only helps our clients tell a story but also reflects the rich audible culture & traditions of the Middle East. Our founding team brings unrivalled levels of expertise across many disciplines within the realms of creative content development, music composition, filmmaking, digital content libraries, & communications.

    Our content has been developed – and continues to – with our client base in mind. Whether you are a game developer, filmmaker, marketing manager, creative director, our intuitive library is where you’ll find the right music track for your project. If you like what you hear but prefer something customized, then get in touch & our team will compose a high-quality track exclusively for your use.

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